We offer 100% Secure Payment

Secure Payment

Shopping at Polo-shirts.co.uk is safe

When purchasing from www.polo-shirts.co.uk, you can be assured your transaction is secure.

We have taken numerous steps to ensure that we offer a safe way to purchase your wholesale t-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts. We use the latest Visa and MasterCard security system measures to protect all of our customers.

When entering your personal details onto our site, the site's address will change to https with a padlock bar appearing in your window's browser. This means that your data is encrypted ensuring that your details will be completely secure.
Click for company profile Geotrust is a leading name in SSL technology. They provide our 128-Bit secure socket layer. All your personal details such as your credit card number are encrypted before being sent to us.
PCI Compliant PCI certification means we have in place all the requirements designed to ensure that the processing of credit card information is done in the most secure environment. We use the industry leading PCI scanning company Security Metrics to certify our sites.
EV SSL We protect your information using the most advanced SSL certificate, Extended Validation SSL. When using a modern web browser in a secure area of the site, the address bar will turn green and provide you with additional information on Polo-Shirts.co.uk. 

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Sage Pay Logo All of our credit card transactions are processed by one of the UK's leading PSP's (payment service provider) and most trusted brands, Sage Pay, who are used by over 25 thousand businesses and enable them to conduct over 4 billion secure transactions per year.
Verified by Visa Logo The system is similar to an online version of chip and pin. This is latest online security system provided by Visa. 

Verified by Visa protects your card twice, once with a personal message and once with your own secret password. 

The system is currently in use and is being offered by leading online companies including BA and Dabs. 

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Mastercard Securecard Logo This is similar to the Verified by Visa and works by improving your MasterCard card security by using a secret code. If you have a MasterCard credit or debit card or Maestro card that is issued by one of the below companies then you can apply for the MasterCard SecureCode. 

HSBC    Lloyds TSB    Mint    Natwest    RBS    Halifax    Bank of Scotland    Barclaycard 

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Paypal Logo

We also offer alternative methods of payment as we recognize that some people may not wish to pay by credit or debit card. Our other payment options are: 

PayPal Express
Cheques drawn on a UK Bank
BACS - Please contact us and request this method be enabled on your account.
Credit Account - Please contact us and request this method be enabled on your account (*Schools & Councils Only)

Simply choose your payment method when ordering.

Tips for safe internet shopping

Who am I buying from
Am I buying from an established company. Is there a phone number and address so that I can contact the merchant? 

Evaluate the online store
Is the web site well designed with plenty of information regarding the products and services offered? 

Secure Payment
Are payment pages secure? Never enter your credit card unless there is https in the URL. 

Don't send your credit card details by Email
You should only enter your credit card details onto a secure payment page. Never send your credit card details by email. 

Don't enter your credit card details at an internet cafe or at other public connections
We would strongly advise you not to shop from a public connection.