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The JACK Quartet in T-Shirts

Monday 08th of March 2010 03:41:29 AM

The JACK Quartet in T-ShirtsOne fact about wearing white t-shirts is that the wearer will look at ease. T-shirts have to be considered one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing ever invented, and they suit so many purposes. When writers want to project a character that is laid back and easy to get along with, for example, the character’s clothes invariably include jeans and a t-shirt. The first thing people do when they run home from work is change in to comfortable clothes – t-shirts and jeans.

So it was no surprise when the JACK Quartet was described as being at ease no matter what the quartet members are wearing. Sometimes they play in t-shirts and jeans, and sometimes they are elegantly dressed in suits while playing their instruments. The JACK Quartet is a string instrument group of four young men who are equally comfortable playing in a coffee house as they are playing in a concert hall.

When the young string instrument players are dressed in tees playing in a coffee house, they please young modern listeners who might not get to hear their brand of music otherwise. But when playing in a concert hall, the dark suits and white shirts are donned and the young players are suddenly transformed. The JACK Quartet is made up of Ari Streisfeld, John Pickford Richards, Christopher Otto, and Kevin McFarland.

This very talented quartet offers audiences a thrilling concert of expressive and inspiring music. They can play works by Guillaume de Machaut, David Dzubay, Felipe Lara, and Alex Ness to name a few. When you watch them playing in their suits though, it’s not difficult to imagine them dressed differently – in t-shirts and jeans.

© Image by John Siebert,

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