Fabric Paints T-Shirts Guide

T-shirts are ideal to use with fabric paint, pens and crayons. There are numerous techniques for adding a great design to a plain t-shirts. Paint, dye, colour or print to make your own innovative textile creations. What's more the techniques and these free instructions are so simple they make a great guide for school art and design projects.

The following information will help you prepare your t-shirt and choose the correct fabric paint and provide guides and tips for the perfect fabric painted projects.

The first thing you need to do when starting a textile project is to obtain the right materials. You will need to buy clothing that is suitable for printing and dyeing. Here is a list of items you will need to start your textile project.

Step 1. What You Will Need

1. Fabric Pens & Paints

We stock a range of fabric paints crayons and pens:
» Fabric Crayon Pack
» Fabric Pen Pack

2. T-Shirts

We have a selection of items that are ideal for a textile project:
» Mens budget t-shirts
» Childrens t-shirts (age 5-12 years)
» Babies and childrens t-shirts (2-4 years)