Heat Transfer Press Guide

Tie dye is a popular technique used to create colourful designs and patterns on clothing. Various techniques have been used to tie dye clothing for more than 6000 years. Today, tie dye is a great way to jazz up plain t-shirts and other garments using colourfast dyes and creative folding techniques. What's more the techniques and these free instructions are so simple, that even kids can have fun tie dyeing!

Learning how to tie dye is very easy. All you have to do is follow these instructions for tie dye to create unique patterns on your clothes that will last for years...or until you want to tie dye the garment again!

The first thing you need to do when learning how to tie dye is to obtain the right materials. You will need to buy clothing that is suitable for tie dye as well as the dyes themselves and other materials that make the tie dye process effective. Here is a list of items you will need to tie dye clothing.

Step 1. What You Will Need

1. Dyes - Most dyes from reputable manufacturers are suitable for tie dying.

2. T-Shirts - We have a selection of items that are ideal for tie dyeing.

» Mens budget t-shirts
» Childrens t-shirts (age 5-12 years)
» Babies and childrens t-shirts (2-4 years)
» Infants t-shirts

3. Gloves - To keep your hands clean and free from dye.

4. Large container or bowl - To tie dye the clothing in.

5. Elastic bands or string - To create the tie dye effect.

6. Sodium Carbonate - To promote transfer of the dye onto the clothing.

(For use with certain dyestuffs. Please check dyestuff manufacturers instructions)