Credit Crunch Clothing

Saving money on clothing is a great way to beat the credit crunch. With all the talk of recession it may be time to tighten our belts, but saving money on clothes doesn't have to be painful! There are many ways you can save cash by knowing how to find the best bargains. This could mean buying clothing at wholesale prices, looking for the best special offers such as half price or buy one get one free offers, or simply buying more durable clothing so that your clothing lasts longer. All these are easy ways to save money during the credit crunch, and we want to help you save as much money on clothing as possible.

Top Money Saving tips:

1) Buy clothing at wholesale prices:

All our clothing is the cheapest possible price as we buy wholesale, and pass the savings straight on to you, even if you only buy one item. This means you can get t-shirts for less than £1, polo shirts for just £1.50 and sweatshirts from just £2.50. Our best prices are available when you buy clothing in bulk. This is a great tip for businesses, charities or schools looking to save money in the credit crunch. Buy in bulk and see your cost per t-shirt tumble!

2) Search for Special Offers:

Finding Special offers on clothing such as special offer t-shirts, polo-shirts, sweatshirts and Jackets is a great way to beat the credit crunch and save money. Check back at your favourite websites regularly to see the latest bargains! We show you our latest bargains on our special offers page. You can also get exclusive discounts through your email by signing up for our newsletter.

3) Buy durable clothing:

Buy clothing to last. People in Britain throw away an average of 30kg of clothes each per year! This cannot continue if you are trying to save money on clothes! Cheap clothing doesn't have to be disposable, it can be comfortable and durable. If you know you are going to wear something a lot then spend a little more on a premium or heavyweight t-shirt. Whilst still very cheap t-shirts, they may cost a pound or two more, but will last much longer. Take care of your clothing! Washing at 30 degrees isn't only good for the environment (& saving you money!) it's also a great way to make your clothing last longer – another great way to save money in the credit crunch.

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