Winter Road Safety Guide

Keep your children and yourself safe this winter. Read our quick guide to pedestrian road safety in the winter months. It may seem a little strange for a clothing website to be giving out this advice, but it is hi-vis clothing that could just save your life on the dark roads.

Here is our quick guide to road safety this winter – particularly Children, but these top tips apply to us all.

1) Just because you can see a car, doesn't mean it can see you.

When walking in the dark we tend to think that just because we can see the glaring headlights of cars that we must be lit up like Christmas trees. We're not. Visibility in winter can be very poor. This is especially true at the times we are most likely to be walking – in the mornings and late afternoons and evenings.

2) Don't Wear all Black/Dark clothing

If possible wear something reflective or fluorescent. Buy a jacket with fluorescent strips. If your jacket doesn't have reflective strips then a cheap and easy solution is Hi-Vis armbands. We know it is unlikely you will get your kids to wear full hi-vis gear so something small like reflective armbands could be a good compromise.

3) Carry a torch with you

Take a small torch with you wherever you go. You can use this when you find yourself on badly lit roads. This will not only help you find your way but will also get you seen by traffic.

4) Be extra careful crossing roads

Drivers may be dazzled by headlights as well as generally poor visibility, so never take it for granted that a car will have seen you. Dress the part with as much high visibility safetywear as you deem appropriate, but at very least wear something bright white, and always be extra cautious. Wherever possible cross roads at pedestrian crossings or at bright street lights.

5) Be bright in the day as well as night

Fluorescent clothing should be worn where possible in the day as well as at night. Again, at least try to wear something white or brightly coloured.

We sell a wide range of hi-vis clothing if you want to protect your children and yourself this winter. Reflective armbands are a great idea for anyone. Whatever your Hi-Vis needs we have the product you are after on our Hi-Vis Safety Clothing page.