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Free T-Shirt Printing Guides

These video guide details the various stages of t-shirt printing, from preparation of your Vinyl Transfer of Sublimation Print to the use of a Vinyl Cutter to produce your design and the printing of your T-shirts or polo-shirts using a t-shirt heat press.

How to create a T-shirt Print

The video takes you though how to use CorelDraw to take an image (print logo) and add cut lines that can be read by a vinyl cutter. It then goes on to show you how duplicate the image on a page ready for printing. Once the logos have been printed the guide shows you how to cut them using a Roland cutter.

After watching the guide a user should be able to produce multicolour images ready to be printed onto T-shirts using a heat press.

The video details how to use the Ultragraphics system from xpres for T-shirt printing.

How to print Sublimation T-Shirts

The video shows the various steps involved in producing sublimation prints suitable for use on our sublimation t-shirts.

The equipment required to produce a sublimation printed product is a computer, CorelDraw, a sublimation printer, sublimation paper, sublimation paper, sublimation substrate, heat resistant tape, silicone application paper and a heat press.

The guide takes a user through the process of taking an image, preparing it for sublimation printing using CorelDraw. It shows how to produce the sublimation print and then apply the print design or logo to a product using a heat press.

After watching the guide a user should be able to produce a sublimation printed T-shirt or other product such as a mouse mat.

Using a Vinyl Cutter for T-Shirt printing

This video shows how to set up and use a Vinyl Cutter in order to produce the vinyl designs needed to print onto your T-shirts.

The equipment required is a computer with Coreldraw, a vinyl cutter and vinyl, flock or other media.

The guide shows how to insert a blade into the cutter, feed the vinyl or flock into the cutter and set the correct force. Using corel draw it shows in detail how to create a text print, duplicate it and prepare the print to be produced by the cutter.

After viewing the guide a user should be able to print t-shirts using vinyl or flock and a heat press.

Using a heat press to print T-Shirts

The video shows how to use a flat heat press in order to apply your design to your T-shirts during the t-shirt printing process.

The equipment required are a previously prepared single or multi colour print, a heat press, a plain t-shirt and a piece of silicone application paper.

The video shows how to adjust the time, temperature and pressure on an Xpres heat press. It shows how to open the press, prepare and position the t-shirt correctly on the press ready for printing. It then shows where to place the silicone paper and how to close the press correctly applying the print to the T-shirt. The guide also gives recommendations on when to remove the backing paper.

After watching the guide a user should be able to produce a single colour or multicoloured t-shirt using a heat press.

Using a cap heat press to print caps

As well as t-shirt printing, caps and hats can also be printed with your design. The following video details how you can do this.

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