Cheap T-Shirts make a great craft project for kids

This case study shows how the Children of Brunshaw Primary School used cheap T-shirts and fabric paints to create an exciting craft project for the children. 

"We decided to paint rainbows on our t-shirts because we had been doing lots of work about New Beginnings as it was the beginning of term. We thought that a rainbow was a good symbol to represent a new beginning because we often see a rainbow after a storm. We had done lots of work about how to make our new classes good places to learn and were sharing our ideas with the rest of the school and the parents in a special assembly. We wanted to wear our rainbow t-shirts to show that we were all going to try hard to do the things we talked about. 

Our teaching assistants Mrs Wrigley and Mrs Duckworth helped us to paint our t-shirts using special fabric paints that don't come off in the wash. We talked about all the colours we would need and drew some rainbows first so that we would remember the order of the colours. We had to be really careful when we were painting and really concentrate on making our rainbows the right shape. 

We really enjoyed painting our t-shirts and were so proud to wear them in our special assembly. we even sang the raibow song for all the grown ups who came to see us. We've taken our t-shirts home now so that we can always keep them to remind us of our special time when we were in year two. 

We'd like to say a massive, ginormous thankyou to for our t-shirts." supply a ranges of cheap T-shirts in adults and childrens sizes.

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cheap T-shirts make a great craft project for kids

cheap T-shirts make a great craft project for kids