Why Organic Clothing

Why Organic?

Organic clothing is only just gaining popularity, so you might well be asking what the benefits are and why it is worth the extra pennies. Our Organic range is available at rock bottom prices and benefits you, the environment and the cotton producers. Read on for more info, and give organic a try today! 

Better for you

Our Organic products are amongst the highest quality items we stock. They are durable, long lasting and are able to stand frequent washing and wear and tear. The price is also extremely low for such high quality items; we are only able to offer these amazing value prices for organic clothing because we pass on wholesale prices to you, the customer. Moreover, you know that you are doing a good thing for the environment and for the organic cotton farmers. If you are a business or charity it is a great way to ensure that your company clothing meets your environmental and ethical goals. 

But you should not just take our word for it; try our organic t-shirts and organic polo shirts out for yourself. We are convinced that you will love the organic clothing experience as much as we do. 

Better for the environment

The organic cotton our organic range is made from is grown using no pesticides or insecticides, meaning no pollution or ill-effects on the environment. Organic cotton farming is also more sustainable, using less water in areas where it is a precious and scarce resource. 

Better for the Cotton Producers

Organic farmers do not have to work with pesticides and insecticides which can be harmful to humans as well as to the environment. Our organic range uses cotton from accredited farms to ensure that not only is it 100% organic, but that it is also 100% ethical. 

Our organic clothing is fully accredited so you can be certain that you are getting 100% organic cotton, 100% of the time. 

EKO Sustainable Textile: 

Organic for Everyone

Organic Clothing for Men

The organic cotton our Organic range is made from is grown using no pesticides or insecticides, meaning no pollution or ill-effects can befall the cotton farmers. Organic cotton farming is also more sustainable, using less water in areas where it is a precious and scarce resource. 

Organic Clothing for Children

Organic clothing is great for kids, and is a good way to encourage them to grow up with an appreciation for important environmental issues. Organic cotton is also softer on their skin, as well as being durable enough to withstand the wear and tear kids are bound to inflict on their clothes. We stock all forms of plain organic t-shirts and plain organic polo shirts including all forms of children’s organic clothing suitable for school or casual wear and the low price means it doesn’t cost a fortune when your fast-growing kids get too big for it. 

Organic Clothing for Women

Our organic clothing range includes a wide variety of styles and colour options for both women’s organic t-shirts and women’s organic polo shirts. The range of plain organic clothing means that a cheap yet fashionable organic piece of apparel is within easy grasp, whether you are looking for plain organic clothing suitable for home, the office or the gym. All of the organic women’s clothing is comfortable, durable and offers great value. 

Wholesale Organic Clothing

Wholesale organic t-shirts and wholesale organic polo shirts are perfect for the environmentally-conscious company for using as a uniform or a piece of promotional clothing. Because of the tremendous value and ethical credentials offered by our plain organic clothing coupled with its guaranteed quality, it is a superb choice for anyone in the wholesale and promotional clothing industry. We buy wholesale organic t-shirts and wholesale organic polo shirts so that we can pass on the savings to our customers. Whether you are looking for plain organic t-shirts or plain organic t-shirts for uniform, for a promotion or to print and resell, our quantity discount means you need look no further for wholesale organic clothing. 

We are careful to ensure our men’s organic, women’s organic and children’s organic cotton t-shirts and polo shirts are fully accredited and monitored by independent certification programmes. This verifies that the clothing is ethical both in the material it uses and in the methods of production. You can be sure that when you buy wholesale organic t-shirts and polo shirts you will be getting high quality organic clothing, ethically made at the best value price.