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Fruit of the Loom are proud suppliers of Fruit of the Loom clothing, a brand world famous for providing quality, style and value for money. A global underwear and casual wear business, Fruit of the Loom employ over 30,000 people and their garments remain close to their original heritage; they are authentic, timeless and unmistakeably Fruit.

With 150 years of experience you can be sure that Fruit of the Loom is a brand you can trust for your clothing needs. We sell a large selection of the Fruit of the Loom range, simply because they are the best for quality, durability and value across a number of categories, from women�s fleeces to kids t-shirts.

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The Range

Fruit of the Loom consistently produce garments that are best sellers in a variety of categories. For this reason our Fruit of the Loom range caters for all needs, across multiple price points.

Undoubtedly, our best sellers in the range are the Fruit of the Loom t-shirts. This may be a result of the impact Fruit of the Loom had on this classic garment's rise to popularity. The t-shirt became a definite part of our wardrobe vocabulary in 1951 when Marlon Brando smouldered his way through a Street Car Named Desire in a t-shirt. It caused a sensation and Fruit of the Loom was the brand of choice for those wanting to channel their inner Brando. The product that surged in popularity was the Fruit of the Loom pocket t-shirt, which went on to make apparel history; its flexibility securing it as a consumer favourite for decades.

We think Fruit of the Loom is the foundation of the t-shirt universe. In fact, their iconic t-shirts are the best selling in Europe. In our range we have a huge selection for men, women and children. These include: the heavy cotton t-shirt, children's t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, women�s scoop neck t-shirt, men's fitted value weight t-shirt and a whole host of other styles and variations. Men's baseball shirts, lady-fit organic t-shirts, v neck men's shirts - whatever your desire and whatever the event, we have a Fruit of the Loom t-shirt for you. These are garments that have been worn by millions of people over many years; there to launch a million construction projects, weekend games of football in the park and business deals. All exquisitely cut and sublimely comfortable, whatever the occasion there will be a Fruit of the Loom t-shirt that will give you great satisfaction.

Fruit of the Loom polo-shirts are also among our best selling products. In a variety of colours and composition they make ideal leisurewear and are a perfect fit for corporate events. The premium 100% cotton polo-shirt gets consistently brilliant reviews for being comfortable, durable and great value. It is a fully breathable fabric and abrasion-resistant.

The poly/cotton polo-shirt is another great Fruit of the Loom polo-shirt choice. Breathable, tear resistant and supremely comfortable this blend of cotton and polyester is very popular for work garments, particularly because of the great Fruit of the Loom price.

Also in our range are a selection of Fruit of the Loom sweatshirts, jogging pants and hoodies. Despite the explosion in the popularity of hoodies, very few brands can match up with the quality and value of a Fruit of the Loom hoody. We offer a great deal of choice and a variety of styles and colours, ranging from traditional styles through to sporty and more fashion forward hoodies.

These hoodies are enduringly popular because of their classic style, fit and reliable cosy comfort. Wash after wash, you will enjoy a long wearing relationship with the Fruit of the Loom Hoodies and their quality means they are suitable for customisation, both embroidery and printing.

Raglan sweatshirts and set-in Fruit of the Loom sweatshirts are popular due to their excellent shape retention and super anti-pilling technology

Fruit of the Loom Wholesale

Fruit of the Loom is renowned for its use as uniform and promotional clothing because they are designed with the end manufacturer in mind. Specifically crafted to meet the demands of the promotional market, the products use Belcora Yarn to ensure better print production efficiencies. Consider Fruit of the Loom garments for your promotion, work and school wear requirements.

Why Fruit of the Loom?

100% quality Fabrics

Fruit of the Loom is the smart choice for quality casual wear. Each item in the range is made from specially durable fabric so they are supremely hard wearing.


You care about the provenance of your clothing and so do Fruit of the Loom.

Fruit of the Loom is committed to ensuring all aspects of their business are conducted in accordance with the highest standards of business ethics. The environmental impact of production is impressively monitored and regulated under the Oeko-Tex standards for textile manufacture. Every single Fruit of the Loom garment must pass the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Complying with this standard means that Fruit of the Loom have promised that none of its products contain substances that are harmful to humans or the environment. Further, it is one of only 6500 companies worldwide to be awarded this standard; a certificate it has held for over ten years. So, when you see this creditation you know your choosing garments you can trust, from a brand you can trust.

Oeko-Tex logo

The Fruit Code

Alongside environmental action, Fruit of the Loom takes their responsibility towards the community very seriously. The Fruit Code is a code of conduct outlining their commitment to ensuring their garments are produced to the highest ethical standards. It also sets out the positive contribution Fruit of the Loom makes to the communities it works in.

Read the code here

We are seeking to ensure that all our suppliers are as committed to sustainability issues as Fruit of the Loom.

State of the art manufacturing plant in Morocco

Fruit of the Loom have their own dedicated manufacturing facility in Morocco. This plant has its own in-house testing lab and means complete control over the production process. When you receive your Fruit of the Loom garment it will have been monitored from yarn to fabric to completed garment. By constantly testing their garments they are able to guarantee consistency and the quality of every single product. One of the specifications the in house testing teams focus upon is colour consistency and the lab makes sure that the colours are consistent across all products; an important consideration if you are using the items for promotional wear.

Fruit of the Loom Morocco plant

History of the Brand

The Fruit of the Loom Story dates back to 1851 in Rhode Island, United States when Robert Knight opened his first mill and began producing quality cotton cloth and textiles. Five years later the brand name was born when Mr Knight, the textile owner, went to visit his friend, Rufus Skeel, who had opened up a small shop selling the fabric from Mr Knights Fabric.

Mr Skeel lived on a farm with a large orchards and his daughter began to paint pictures of the 'Swaar' apple and apply them to the cloth in her fathers shop. During his visit Mr Knight noticed that fabrics with the apple painted on were very popular.

This popularity inspired the trade name Fruit of the Loom and he kept the labels to be the symbols for his new trademark. In 1871, just a year after the trademark laws were passed, Fruit of the Loom became official and received the trademark number 418. This number demonstrates just how established Fruit of the Loom is. It is one of the worlds oldest trademarks, being older than Coca Cola, the paper bag and even the basic lightbulb. With over 160 years experience in the clothing sector Fruit of the Loom has grown to become one of the worlds leading apparel brand. Growth looks set to continue, as in 2002 Fruit of the Loom was acquired by legendary investor Warren Buffet.

While the Fruit of the Loom roots lie in America, European business is at the heart of growth plans for the future. Distribution covers over 20 European counties, with headquarters in our very own Telford.

Fruit of the Loom brand history

Marketing Campaigns

Fruit of the Loom constantly updates its marketing efforts to show its customers all the aspects it has to offer. The original iconic marketing effort focussed around brand characters known as 'The Fruit of the Loom Guys'. They were very successful in increasing awareness of the Fruit of the Loom name.

In accordance with the Fruit of the Loom logo which consisted of an apple, leaves, green and purple grapes, four actors played the roles of four fruits. The 'Fruit of the Loom Guys' have been central to the brand since the 1980's and combine their comedic talents with rock musical stylings to bring the brand alive.

Today, the marketing efforts have been updated to represent the fashion forward elements of the brand. While known for its value pricing and durability, Fruit of the Loom also promises �More colors. More prints. More personality� and �You move. It moves with you.� To illustrate how comfortable Fruit of the Loom products are, the new adverts are themed around the slogan 'move to comfort' and feature skateboarders, ballerinas and gymnasts all performing in their Fruit of the Loom garments.

Take a look at the video and we are sure that you will agree that it is inspiring, high energy and the fresh sounding music emphasising the brands fun and colourful personality. All the people in this campaign are real people, each bringing the 'movement' message to life in different inspiring ways. It is built upon the idea that ease of movement in casual wear and underwear is crucial to comfort.

Fruit of the Loom around the World

Today, Fruit of the Loom has operations across the globe, however, interestingly each nation has a different favourite product.

In America, Fruit of the Loom is synonymous with underwear and this is something to look out for in the UK in the future. In fact, it was Fruit of the Loom that started the trend for branded undergarments with a series of promotional innovations that had never been seen for underwear. It became the first underwear company to advertise on national television and use celebrity endorsement (Fruit of the Loom were also the first company to show a woman in a pair of panties on network television!). At one point British comedian Terry Thomas was named spokesperson, as advertisers thought that a British advocate would lend an air of quality and endurance to commercials!

Over the course of the 1980's Fruit of the Loom evolved in an overall apparel company, but underwear is still a strong part of the brand portfolio in America.

Fruit of the loom t shirts

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