2012 June 28

It’s all about sport this year and for women, a range of new ‘crunch to cocktail’ styled sport luxe clothing is about to become this year’s must have garments. While Venus Williams may no longer be in the running for Wimbledon, her tennis clothing line, EleVen has perfectly encapsulated the sports lifestyle approach to fashion that is dominating the catwalks at present. She has a tennis dress in grey and white abstract blocks that could definitely be worn to the office for dress down Friday and the slogans on her shirts, such as ‘oh and oh’ relate to sports motivation – an oh and oh means you beat your opponent without them scoring a point.

For women who can’t afford EleVen or Stella McCartney for Adidas, try teaming camisole tops, one under another, in shades of grey, black and white, with coloured jeans and a good wool blazer or tailored jacket.

For clubbing, platform trainers are being worn with tailored shorts and red, white and blue tops, and more formal evening wear includes skin tight vests or camisoles worn with long skirts, like last year’s maxi dresses, but finished off with floral patterned Converse trainers. Hoodies are also a big deal this year, with women’s colours like candy floss pink being worn a lot, along with dip-dyed or ombre hair in blue, purple or bubble-gum pink.