2013 January 14

BC_Real_Parka_Jacket_29_973Whether it’s rain or snow, a coat that copes with the weather and still looks good is essential – a parka style jacket is warm, waterproof and stylish.

Wintry conditions can lead to chilling down, when you’re chilling out. Layering is the solution: slide a slimline sleeveless vest under your parka and over a long-sleeve T-shirt and your silhouette will not bulk up, but your heat levels will ramp up!

A hat doesn’t just conserve heat lost from your head. Winter weather makes a total mess of hair, even man hair. A simple cap or knit hat (which has the advantage of being okay to wear indoors) means you never have to worry about you your hair looks.

Gloves are essential, not just for style but for safety – cold hands on steering wheels cause many driving accidents and can lead to failure to carry heavy items successfully. You might fancy some bright fleece gloves, driving gloves or even the new leather or synthetic gloves that you can use on a touchscreen. It doesn’t matter what you go for, as long as your hands are warm.

Long sleeved T-shirts, hoodies or sweatshirts come into their own in winter. They all add warmth without bulking you up or feeling itchy.

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