2011 June 27

The UK sportswear industry is already worth over £4 billion, and that’s set to grow dramatically in the next year as the Olympics fan our love of sport fashion.

Fashion designers are working with fitness companies to create new high fashion, high performance clothing that looks as good as it feels: Adidas, Puma and Reebok have all collaborated with top designers and Nike is currently working with recycled polyester to create something called power mesh which will improve performance and recovery in athletes.

To meet the needs of modern sports stars, who are as likely to be skateboarding as taking part in classical sports – clothing needs to be flexible and stylish, to create an indentifiable personal style and to offer maximum performance. As an example, snowboarders have been matching sleeveless fleeces made of high performance fabric with personalised polo-shirts to create an individual look that is immediately recognisable in the half-pipe and at the après-ski concert.

Hooded jackets have always been popular with boxers but now they are appearing on capoeira stars too, and also feature in the wardrobe of DJs mixing at festivals this summer.

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