2011 April 6

A business journal in Edmonton, Canada has put a new item of clothing to the smart-casual test. Can yoga pants (often still called jog pants in the UK)be worn to the office?

The vote was divided. Several personal shoppers and style gurus reckon that they are fit only for the gym and that they look boring. Other complaints were that they are both too sexy and too casual and suggest a woman who isn’t credible and lacks authority.

On the other hand, for the larger women, there was an argument to be made. The generous cut of wide leg yoga pants was considered to be acceptable, especially if worn with a smart shirt and wide belt. For the smaller woman, leggings or smart trousers were definitely considered preferable.

In some professions, such as teaching and semi-medical settings, the yoga pants were definitely a hot favourite with women who had to bend and stretch and deal with settings in which they were fetching and carrying.

When wearing this kind of casual bottom, a fitted top is essential maybe a camisole with a smart blazer or a bright short-sleeved shirt, but there still seems to be a wide division over whether yoga pants count as business-wear or not.

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