2011 March 2

This week the men’s fashion site, Style Crave, is recommending long-sleeve polo-shirts as ideal casual wear.

According to their fashion expert, you get the best such long sleeve polos in Milan, but if you don’t feel that you can travel that far just for a few shirts, don’t worry – you can buy them online.

How to choose the best long sleeve polo

The idea of a casual shirt is a complicated one – at weekends we all dress down but then if you go out for a meal or even to a reasonably smart bar, you need to put on a jacket and jackets over T-shirts can look naff, while knitwear is fraught with all kinds of problems, not least looking like your Dad!

The ideal solution is a long-sleeved polo shirt which will fit nicely under a jacket and has a collar that looks right under a jacket too – because unless you work out regularly there’s always the risk of pencil neck if you wear a jacket and a round necked top.

White is an ideal colour to wear under grey, beige or black jackets, while a blue long sleeve polo works with a denim jacket, a fleece or even a donkey jacket.

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