2010 November 10

Or almost any other male celebrity who takes your fancy – assuming they are under thirty and dress in clothing that can be replicated through the major online retailers and high street fashion shops.

How? By visiting myCelebrityFashion.co.uk which has launched a men’s section this month, so that the Waynes of this world can keep up with their Coleens and the Davids with their Victorias.

The website reckons to reveal the latest male celebrity trends and where to buy them so ordinary folk can ‘steal the style’ of their favourite celebrities by using a tagging system that shows buyers where to similar, or even identical garments and accessories to those of the starts.

It’s linked to over 400 fashion retailers and generates sales by directing visitors to any items that take their fancy as stocked by those retailers. So it’s not necessarily the most cost effective way to look like a star!

So if you want to find a Steven Jones brown shirt, geek glasses like Matt Cardle, David Beckham’s black beanie and Channing Tatum cargo shorts, go visit the website – but remember to shop around to find clothing bargains that are just as good as those on the mycelebrity site, but may be a lot cheaper.

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