2010 September 10

Polo-shirts.co.uk has a new competition where we’re giving our facebook fans the chance to get the clothes they want at a discounted price: its called Love it, Link it, Like it! To enter you just have to follow these simple steps:

1) If you see a product you really want on polo-shirts.co.uk, post the link to that product on our facebook wall.
2) Tell us what you like about the product and why people should vote for it.
3) Get people to ‘like’ it – the product with the most ‘likes’ will be discounted!

The competition runs for two weeks and then fans of polo-shirts.co.uk on facebook will get a 10% discount on that product for seven days following the competition. So if you love something, post your link, get your friends to like it and be in with a chance of getting your favourite product, cheaper!!!

To give you an idea of how the post could look, there’s an example below. Good luck!

An example of a possible entry.


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