2010 August 31

There are some items that men hate to see a woman wearing, and some they find incredibly appealing – are you wearing the boyfriend attractors or the man repellers? What men hate:

Sloppy boyfriend jeans that hide a female’s shape

Why – because they conceal the femininity of all women and render them graceless

Faded outsized T-shirts

Why – because they suggest that you don’t care how you look and have no interest in your appearance

What they love:

Rugby shirts – especially oversized ones

Why – because they make you look feminine and fragile and the button front offers a hint of feminine cleavage without looking trashy.

How to wear them – choose a hooped pattern if you are slim as it adds an illusion of curviness to your shape, but choose a solid colour rugby shirt with contrast collar if you are on the larger side as it’s more slimming. Try wearing a rugby shirt with leggings or for warm summer afternoons, push the sleeves up and team your shirt with a pair of tailored shorts to show off your legs.

Tailored jackets and fleeces

A casual jacket that nips your waist and flatters your colouring makes you look natural and relaxed and that appeals to any man who’s looking for a date who is confident about herself and enjoys having fun.

How to wear them – pick a shade that looks good against your skin and try to stay away from black unless you’re going to be wearing a bright scarf that enhances your skin tone.

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