2009 July 24

stedmanStedman by Hanes is one of the world’s leading brands in quality sportswear and casualwear. It produces the kind of clothing that is both relaxed and wearable every day, while being durable and this isn’t surprising, given the history of the Hanes brand.

In 1901 the first Hanes underwear was produced and when it became two piece underwear instead of the all-in-one that men had worn until that time, men quickly began wearing it as outerwear, so perhaps the first T-shirt was born from this behaviour?

Anyway there’s now a vast range of T-shirts, polo-shirts, and sweatshirts designed to be as comfortable as underwear but as stylish as the most fashion aware consumer could demand.

Look out for fantastic budget casual wear in the Stedman range, in particular long-sleeved T-shirts that hark back to the simple, cosy comfort of the very first Hanes brand but carry all the durability and style of this international brand. Stedman is one of the world’s best selling cost-conscious T-shirts for three good reasons: comfort, price and hard-wearing design.

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