2007 December 27

iron-hitormiss.jpgAdvancements in wrinkle-resistant fabric finishes have begun to remove the need for ironing, especially in male clothing, and since the millennium wrinkle-resistant finishes have become a standard for most producers of casual clothing.  The terms Wrinkle-resistant, wrinkle free, durable press and permanent press tend to be used interchangeably and they all apply to finishing agents that are added to fabrics to prevent or decrease the amount of wrinkles. These particular chemical agents act as catalysts that cross-link polymer chains in the cotton weaving, giving the material added elasticity and resilience so the wrinkles simply bounce out.

These wrinkle-resistant finishes became popular in the early 90’s when they were added to men’s all-cotton trousers – remember the craze for Stayprest?  However, some problems arose, such as their tendency to be a magnet for grease and oil stains, and environmental concerns. Many of these problems have now been minimised.

With the increasing popularity of causal wear in the work place, we can expect to see more of these garments on offer every season.  They are, of course a little more expensive than those that do not contain the finish, so perhaps it all depends on whether you feel your time is better spent ironing, or just grabbing and wearing …
iron by hitormiss

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