2007 December 24

male-model-udyath.jpgIt used to be just the ladies who felt inadequate at Christmas: all those perfume adverts with impossibly slim blonde females running around catching balloons or the hearts of men, all those slinky brunettes who received anonymous gifts from a man who parachuted into a wolf-infested mountain range just to drop off a box of chocolates … but now the tables are turning. And that was without the coathanger girls on the catwalk who made any woman with curves feel like a barrage balloon.

But now the tables are turning – the world’s top designers have taken to hiring Dynamite Hosts, a group of British male models who turn up at fashion events to hand out champagne and get the party moving.  Their founder, Anthony Lowther, saw a gap in the market and rounded up a few of his male model friends: so far they’ve taken to the floor at parties given by Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Selfridges. Even Lenny Kravitz (yes, hard-rock hall of fame entrant, Lenny Kravitz ) hired them for a recent event.  Sometimes they turn up as waiters, wearing tuxedos, other times they are topless and dancing to get people in the party mood.

And if that leaves you feeling a little less than adequate, our Christmas tips for hiding your jellyroll (what a six pack turns into when you don’t concentrate on your sit-ups) are:

  • Wear a loose shirt or polo-shirt and trousers that flare at the bottom, this draws the eye down

  • Vertical patterns, stripes or central long designs, on a shirt make you look slimmer, horizontal stripes, circles and checks make you look fatter

  • Wear a T-shirt under your shirt and unbutton the shirt to chest level, it adds height and slimness.

male model by udyath

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