2007 November 29


Fashion house Lacoste has just unveiled its latest collection – designed by Michael Young. This is the second of the ‘LACOSTE Holiday’ Collector’s Series, which is a process that the brand uses to get a designer from outside the fashion world to reinterpret its iconic polo shirt (and, not entirely incidentally, to present challenges its production methods).

Michael Young has been amongst the most successful and influential designers of his generation.  You’ve never heard of him?  Well his furniture collection, designed for a Tokyo store was purchased the Design Museum London and was said to have created ‘a new formal language’ in design.

So what has he done for Lacoste – well it’s a polo shirt with a crocodile skin pattern (no surprises there) that travels up the front and around the back of the shirt, but instead of a silk-screen printing process, the heat-activated ink has been applied directly to the cotton and then ‘baked’ causing it to blister and become thick, plastic fake croc skin itself. Lovely.  There is also a limited edition called the PLASTIC POLO +, where the croc skin print has been covered with a metallic leaf film and pressed with a hot iron, giving a distressed, vintage look and feel.  The collection is packaged in a re-sealable metallic black plastic tray that can be re-used as a serving platter!

And if that isn’t to your taste, the hot colours for polos in the Christmas run up are said to be dark grey, lime green and pink!

Lacoste fashion show photograph by ksquare, used under a creative commons attribution licence. 

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