2007 August 15

Mayer House Business Media Limited is set to launch the inaugural trade show which they hope will raise the standard of shows aimed “specifically for the UK garment supply, decoration and equipment industry”. Entitled ‘Printwear UK’ the show has been confirmed for 17-18 February 2008 at Cranmore Park. The announcement follows the successful launch of their industry magazine ‘Printwear Today’, whose immediate and resounding popularity “proves emphatically that the market for garment decorators has been, and is continuing to grow” according to Managing Director Nick Carpenter.

Printwear Today will host the exhibition and raising its own profile in the process, proving that their ambitions to become the leading garment decoration publication are not unfounded. The show will provide an opportunity to showcase garments, decoration applications, equipment and consumables. But the focus of the show is said to be new and innovative products, meaning that if successful this could well become the most important annual event for all garment decorators in the UK, and possibly even abroad.

A great deal of thought has gone into providing the ideal venue for the event, free parking is provided and Mayer House are very concious of the high prices associated with such events, often a turn-off for potential attendees. Carpenter states that there was a need for “a venue that appeals to both exhibitors and visitors alike. A venue that provides exhibitors, unrivalled value for money and gives visitors a much needed break from high costs associated with attending other venues in the area”.

Mayer House will no doubt be hoping their show becomes as successful as the annual FESPA convention (seen below) which has become the industry byword for a show on printing techniques.


An advertising campaign will be initiated to raise awareness of the show throughout the industry, comprising of trade press announcements, online campaigning and direct mail promotions, so this will certainly not be the last you hear of Printwear UK. It seems that the effort is barely warranted however, within a few weeks of marketing the event over 50% is already booked and reserved – so if you want to set up a stall and gain exposure, or keep up with all of the latest innovations in the industry, you had better book now before tickets are unavailable.

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