2007 February 7

Here I try to answer a few questions posed by our customers.

Q. Bit disappointed in your ‘no swapping’ policy. To charge the postage again just to change one shirt size is a little extortionate.

A. I understand the frustration that can be caused when you select one wrong item and just want to swap it for another. It sounds simple. But for us it’s not that simple and I’ll try to explain why.

Your returned item takes time to process.

The goods need to be quality checked and returned to stock.

Then our warehouse staff need to pick and replace the item with the replacement which takes time.

The goods then need to be sent out again so we need to add on the postage cost.

Our standard postage rate of £5.00 also includes the cost of packing. This not only means the postage cost itself but also the poly bags in which the garments are packed, the delivery bags, delivery stickers and, as mentioned above, the time of our warehouse staff.

Unlike other companies in the wholesale clothing industry charge a restocking fee for returning items. Polo-shirts.co.uk do not charge a restocking fee.

I hope that this explains why we aren’t able to offer a “swap” for your returned items.

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